Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's more than a little daunting, telling YOU (if there's anyone out there) all about what's going on in MY head, but because I moved here a short time ago, and work from my home, YOU are really all I have to share things with. So, if you'll kindly bear with me, maybe offer a courtesy laugh or two, maybe nod understandingly once or twice - if the moment moves you - I would appreciate it greatly.

I came across an old REM song today - At My Most Beautiful. I listened to it while running the White Pine drainage (the downed trees in that zone - carnage from the snow slides this winter - were super scary, since that's the "safe" bc skiing choice when the avy danger is high) this afternoon, once the temps had dropped into the eighties (I'm not even going to tell you how odd it is that I find 80 degrees "cool"). Arnie wasn't with me, as he was very clean and sweet smelling following a morning bath (by a groomer, not moi), and I want to maintain his shiny coat and pleasant odor until my parents get here tomorrow. They've never met him, so I want them to meet my little Arniebear at his most beautiful. It's very strange, I know, that I care about things like this so much, that I talk about Arnie so much......but I guess you focus on that which surrounds you, and because my office is in my guest room, and Arnie is my only companion all day, HE is the furrybear on my mind.

He's sleeping right now.

I'm in jammies, typing with the computer on my lap (forgive typos, please - and this goes for future posts as well). I'm experiencing severe tendonitis in my fingers and elbows, a sign of too much climbing, too much SPORT climbing to be exact (I loathe sport climbing sometimes - that's a secret). If not too much climbing, then too much climbing without warming up properly - that's probably more accurate. And it effing sucks, but if I step back and let it go a bit, I realize that in fact, it's not so bad at all. I'm focusing on running more, on knitting more, on playing my guitar more. I'm working longer hours, even, since I no longer have to bolt at 5:01 in the name of getting in AS MANY PITCHES AS POSSIBLE before dark. Another secret: I'm loving the little break from climbing. Who knew?