Tuesday, August 02, 2005

First Go

Reeling now from a night of tasting too many wines and eating too much food, I'm avoiding the work that awaits just to do penance and write in the blog. When I started this process - all of, what, four days ago? - my goal was not to embark on another activity that made me feel guilty (a la climbing), yet here I am, Tuesday morning with a truckload of work to do, feeling bad for not paying enough attention to the blog. Mm hmm....Who do I owe it to, you ask? Well, ME, of course, since I'm still not sure how many people actually read these things (but THANK YOU, Rai, for the shout out - you're such a good friend!). I guess it's like the other activities in my life that I love but can't find enough time for - playing the guitar, knitting, reading - because I'm too busy with the "public" things - climbing, or running, or skiing, or the things I think I SHOULD be doing. But this blog is a little bit different - on a couple levels. First, it's not closed up in an old journal, and shoved in the back of the drawer when I'm finished writing in it. No, very much the opposite - it's out there in the world of bloggers like yourselves, where I just might be held accountable for the things I say. Also, because of the absurd level of guilt I seem to posses (though where I got it I have no idea, because I wasn't raised Catholic and my parents are very much not into guilt tripping), I won't let myself slack on this.

But right now I'll sign off, because of the strong feeling that I want - make that NEED - to go running. Again with the guilt for chrissakes. More later.